Miley the Movement?

I finally got around to watching Miley: The Movement on MTV and I have to say that I loved it.
I love it for the sole reason that Miley was able to bullshit all of us into thinking that the “hot mess” that we witnessed at the VMAs was actually a part of her strategy to dominate the world. From the creation of Bangerz to constructing her new image, her “movement” to grow up was a success.

However, there was one point from the documentary that caught me off guard. It was the realization that Miley is only 3 years younger than me.
I don’t care what she does, whether its grind up on Robin Thicke’s thick or ride a wrecking ball naked, but what matters to me is that she is a part of my generation. She shares the same DNA of growing up as a bi-product to the generation of the internet, iPods and unlimited text messages.

Miley is young, driven and motivated to control her own world, yet she is also very naive and consumed by her own world.

This makes me question myself – Am I like this?

What if the whole obstacle/point of being a Millenial is to take your shortcomings that have been influenced and nurtured by your AOL 7.0 surroundings, and turn it into a tour de force.

Maybe this is the real movement. Being a Millenial and learning to see that as an advantage.





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